Venous Cannulae from Medtronic

Medtronic Venous Cannulae are designed to provide optimal venous drainage while providing flexibility and ease of use. We offer an unmatched selection of cannulae to facilitate a wide range of insertion and drainage techniques. Medtronic Venous Cannulae are available with or without wire winding in single, double and triple stage designs in a variety of tip configurations to accommodate both bi-caval and caval-atrial cannulation. From the unique design of the “cats-eye” holes found in our Ultraflex® Venous Cannulae to the distinctive ‘bulgy’ basket on our popular three stage cannulae, our product breadth ensures the availability of a cannula to meet your specific needs.

Featured Product:

The MC2X Three Stage Venous Cannula line combines innovation with practicality. Including a third basket provides an additional inlet port during VAVD or KAVD techniques. The unique larger bulgy basket on our model 91437 is designed to minimize the potential for tissue occlusion of the cannula side holes.