Arterial Cannulae from Medtronic

Arterial cannulae are intended to deliver oxygenated blood to the arterial vasculature. Medtronic understands the importance of gentle flow in the often fragile aorta and we offer a number of different product variations to facilitate a variety of surgical techniques and patient anatomies. Our Select 3D line of cannulae features fluted tips which help diffuse and disperse blood flow while our EOPA® Cannulae have elongated kink-resistant bodies to deliver high flow rates with minimal pressure differential. Arterial cannulae are available in a variety of tip configurations, with or without wire winding and in different lengths to meet your specific needs.

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The EOPA (Elongated One-Piece Arterial Cannula) is available with either a dilator tip introducer designed to be placed over a 0.038” guidewire or with a blunt tip introducer. The elongated wire-wound body provides versatility for a variety of insertion techniques EOPA 3D®. The EOPA 3D Arterial Cannula features a unique tapered tip configuration that diffuses the flow through multiple outlets and reduces exit velocity. The elongated, wire-wound body provides versatility for a variety of insertion techniques.