Femoral Cannulae from Medtronic

Femoral cannulae provide greater versatility of cannulation techniques to meet the needs of the changing patient population and the desire for smaller thoracic incisions. Designed to be placed in the femoral vein or artery, Medtronic Femoral Cannulae are ideally suited for both percutaneous and direct insertion. The unique, flat, wire-wound, thin-walled construction of the Bio-Medicus® Cannulae maximizes flow rates and cannula flexibility. Our product offerings in both pediatric and adult sizes ensure the availability of a cannula to meet your specific needs.

Featured Product:

Bio-Medicus® Multi-Stage Femoral Venous

The Bio-Medicus Multi-Stage features multiple drainage ports allowing for optimal drainage of the entire venous circulation by accessing the SVC, atrium and the IVC. The extended length introducer with new, smother transition zone promotes ease of percutaneous femoral vein cannulation and advancement through tortuous venous anatomy. The Bio-Medicus Multi-Stage is 60 cm in length and available in 19, 21 and 25 Fr sizes. These cannulae can be inserted percutaneously over a 0.038 guidewire.