Antegrade Cannulae from Medtronic

Antegrade cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the coronary ostia in the normal direction of blood flow (antegrade perfusion). Medtronic offers both aortic root cannulae and coronary ostial cannulae. Aortic root cannulae are intended to infuse cardioplegia directly into the aortic root near the aortic valve while coronary ostial cannulae are held on or placed in the coronary ostia.

The company offer aortic root cannulae in a standard 5.25 inch length, a 12.5 inch length and a 2.5 inch length to accommodate various techniques. Allowing for further customization, we offer aortic root cannulae with various tip lengths, with or without a vent line and the option of Flow-Guard™, our hemostasis management introducer. Medtronic also offers a dual lumen aortic root cannulae with a patented tip, which allows simultaneous infusion of cardioplegia and aspiration of air from the aorta. Our product breadth ensures the availability of a cannula to meet specific needs.

Featured Product:

MīAR™ Cannulae

The most recent addition to our antegrade line, the MiAR cannulae is 12.5” long, providing the extra length needed to ensure the luer connection rests outside of the chest incision. The MiAR features the Medtronic Flow-Guard System, which maintains hemostasis and allows retraction of the needlepoint into a rigid fitting after placement of the cannulae.