Pediatric Venous Cannulae from Medtronic

Medtronic Venous Cannulae are designed to provide optimal venous drainage while providing flexibility and ease of use. We offer a variety of single stage venous cannulae with kink-resistant, wire-wound bodies in sizes from 12 Fr – 24 Fr. Offered in both straight and right angle with multiport tips and the option for a thin-wall, metal-tip design, our product breadth ensures the availability of a cannula to meet your specific needs.

Featured Product

DLP® Malleable Single Stage Venous Cannulae

DLP Malleable Single Stage Venous Cannulae are designed to allow the surgeon to shape and position the cannulae to best fit the patient anatomy and the thoracic incision. These cannulae feature a malleable wire integrated in the body wall over the length of the cannulae outside of the wire winding. The one-piece, kink-resistant, wire-wound bodies allow high flow rates with minimal pressure differential. Tapered, multi-port tips ease insertion and depth markings permit precise positioning of the cannulae.