CG Future Annuloplasty System from Medtronic

The CG Future® Annuloplasty System for mitral valve repair is designed to predictably remodel the annulus to maintain apposition of the anterior and posterior leaflets. Correct annuloplasty ring/band sizing is an important element to achieve a successful repair.


  • Reduced risk for anterior dilatation
  • Unique eyelet design for easy anchoring to the trigones
  • Semi-rigid design offers enough flexibility to allow movement of the mitral annulus during the cardiac cycle.
  • Ease of implant with 20% lower profile.1 The band is ideal for small incisions and minimally invasive procedures where visibility and access to the anterior portion of the mitral annulus may be limited.
  • Considered a benefit for patients with degenerative, ischemic and dilated cardiomyopathic valve disease
  • The CG Future Ring is available in eight sizes ranging from 24 mm to 38 mm
  • The CG Future Band is available in seven sizes ranging from 26 mm to 38 mm