With the ability to provide a simple, rapid method for removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples), the Airfuge Air-Driven Ultracentrifuge delivers accurate results for lipemic clarification. Lipemic samples can be cleaned in 10 minutes, eliminating the need for sendouts.


The easy-to-operate tabletop centrifuge:

  • Reaches top speed in only 30 seconds
  • Decelerates smoothly to keep sample contents separated
  • Offers timed runs up to five hours with hold position for long runs
  • Operates near ambient teperature

The Airfuge Air-Driven Ultracentrifuge offers enhanced versatility with a variety of rotors:

  • Batch Rotor pellets particles from a large sample
  • Electron Microscopy Rotor sediments particulates from very small volumes on to supports suitable for insertion into an electron microscope
  • Four fixed angle rotors generate the high speeds and forces necessary to perform a variety of tasks