From bacteria and yeast pelleting to isolation, purification and post reaction clean-up, the Allegra® 25R Centrifuge offers versatility in handling all of your DNA prep needs.

  • 2.0 Liter maximum capacity
  • 15,000 RPM
  • 25,160 x g
  • 1-3 Liter


Perfect for DNA—from bacteria and yeast pelleting to isolation, purification and post-reaction cleanup

  • Hands-free operation with automatic door latch
  • Magnetic rotor ID for precise performance
  • Extremely quiet, maintenance-free brushless induction drive
  • Operating temperature from 2º C to 40º C to protect sample integrity
  • Interchangeable rotors accommodate 'cells-to-wells' from 0.25 to 500 mL

Allegra 25R Centrifuge System Specifications




40.5 cm (16.0 in)


65.0 cm (25.6 in)


68.5 cm (27.0 in)


124.0 kg (273.4 lb)

Approximate acceleration time

10 acceleration profiles

Approximate deceleration time

10 deceleration profiles

Heat dissipation into room (steady-state conditions)

2.0 kW (6,824 Btu/hr)

Electrical requirements

60 Hz, 208 V

Set speed

Actual rotor speed ± 50 rpm or equivalent RCF

Noise level 1 meter in front of centrifuge

68 dBA

Set temperature

-20 to +40° C in 1° C increments

Set time

to 9 hr 59 min or continuous (hold)

Speed range

to 15,000 rpm

Temperature control

± 2° C of set temperature (after equilibration)

Ambient temperature range

10 to 35° C ambient

Humidity restrictions

< 80% (noncondensing)

Pollution degree


Time (acutal display)

Indicates run time remaining/(8) indicates elapsed time


Control panel: coated polycarbonate
Housing surfaces: urethane paint

Clearances required

7.6 cm (3.0 in)

Ventilation clearances

7.6 cm (3 in) Sides and Rear