Whether harvesting cells or separating blood components, the Allegra X-12 Series will simplify your processes and save you time. Offering maximum capacity, this centrifuge is ideal for streamlining general separations. Perfect for clearing debris, Isolating mononuclear cells and pelleting mammalian cells.


  • Numerical Key Pad for Easy & Quick Value Entry
  • Control Temperature for up to 10 Minutes After the Rotor has Stopped, for Walk-Away Flexibility
  • Automatic Initial “Soft Start” to Ensure Sample Integrity


  • 6 x 100 mL Fixed Angle Rotor – 10,200 RPM; 11,400 x g
    • Further Isolate Biomolecules
    • Clearing of Media, Cell Debris, Lysate, Tissue Homogenates
    • 100 mL, 94 mL, 85 mL Bottles
    • 50 mL & 15 mL (Conical & Round) Tubes
    • Centrifugal Filter Devices
    • 1.5 mL Tubes