The X-15R spins up to three liters of sample at an industry-leading 5,250 x g, with a robust refrigeration system that cools from ambient to 4C in less than 4 minutes – over 10 minutes faster than other three liter centrifuges. Save even more time with optional ARIES rotor technology that accepts up to 50 grams (effectively one tube!) of rotor imbalance, allowing you to eye-balance your samples with confidence. The X-15R is the ideal choice for all your cellular separation applications.


Now faster separations in your 4 x 750 mL rotor than ever before

  • Optimize recoveries
  • Faster separations
  • Save time


  • Filtration and Concentration
    • 3 mL and larger centrifugal devices
    • At maximum speed in your swinging bucket rotor
  • Fast & Slow Blood Component Spins
  • Microbial Cell Harvesting
    • Up to 3 liters
    • In just 14 minutes