Avanti J-15R Centrifuge Non-IVD 100-120 200-230 V, 50/60HZ from Beckman Coulter

Strengths of both Avanti floor model and Allegra benchtop centrifuges come together in the powerful Avanti J-15R high performance refrigerated benchtop centrifuge.

  • The Avanti J-15R cools from room temperature to 4°C in 4 minutes, allowing the user to protect the samples while completing the runs faster†  
  • Reach up to 10,200 rpm and a max g force of 11,420 RCF
  • Ultra Harmonic Technology effectively minimizes sample disturbance with intelligent acceleration/deceleration profiles resulting in more sample yield
  • New software interface provides one-touch access to your last 6 programs (but stores up to 99)



Max Speed

10,200 rpm

Max g-Force

11420 x g


10 acceleration rates, including maximum torque


11 deceleration rates, including maximum torque and no braking

Speed Control

± 10 increments from 200 - 10,200 rpm

Timed Run

1 minute-99 hours, 59 minutes or Continuous Hold

Max Capacity Volume Range

0 - 3 L

Max Heat Dissipation

4095 Btu/h (1.2 kW)

Speed Display

Actual rotor speed in 10 rpm increments or actual RCF in 10 x g increments

Time (Actual Display)

Indicates run time remaining (HH:MM:SS)

User Defined Programs/Steps

Access to 99 programs, 6 with one-touch

Installation Category


Humidity Restrictions

80% (non-condensing)


Painted Steel, Uncoated Plastic, Painted Aluminum, Plastic


93 kg / 205 lb


55.6 cm / 21.9 in


74.9 cm / 29.5 in


36.8 cm / 14.5 in


30 cm: sides & rear

Pollution Degree


Max Noise Output

71 dBA

Power Requirements

200-230V, 6A, 50/60 Hz; 100V, 12A, 50/60 Hz; 120V, 10A, 50/60Hz



Please note: Due to this instruments power settings, it is not available in North America. It is available in all other parts of the world.