All components of the total system design that has come to define Beckman Coulter solutions. And all components, you’ll find, are abundantly supplied in the MAX-TL.

The Optima MAX Series of tabletop ultracentrifuges is the absolute top of the line. And while the MAX-TL tabletop is our entry-level model, it’s so much more than just another tabletop. The MAX-TL delivers optimum functionality and efficiency within a compact, quiet package. You can reach the speeds you need to match your separation demands, while your individual experience remains uncomplicated and uncompromised.

The interface makes navigation and operation a breeze and the software includes nine languages, so labs across the globe can reduce errors. And for added versatility, the MAX-TL is compatible with the existing Beckman Coulter TL-Series rotors and labware.


  • User-defined programs : Virtually Limitless
  • Available rotors : 9
  • Intuitive, multilingual interface
  • Numerical vacuum display
  • Context-sensitive, on-screen help