High throughput and high productivity are standard fare for every Beckman Coulter centrifuge and the Avanti JXN Series is no exception. It’s more than capable of delivering solutions for shared labs, GMP environments, networked instruments and more.

With the Avanti JXN Series centrifuges, you will not only manage your daily laboratory challenges, but get higher performance, better BioSafety, and advanced levels of networking. With the MobileFuge app, you can access modern data and user management, remote monitoring, control and error handling via networks, and mobile devices.

Whatever your application, from simple pelleting to rate zonal separations, the Avanti JXN Series offers newfound momentum. Rely on the Avanti JXN-26 to boost your productivity, or reach speeds of up to 30,000 rpm with the Avanti JXN-30.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Gain flexibility with MobileFuge
  • Intuitive interface
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Advanced, easy-to-use data management
  • Versatile across rotors and applications