Optima MAX-TL Tabletop Ultracentrifuge from Beckman Coulter

All components of the total system design that has come to define Beckman Coulter solutions. And all components, you’ll find, are abundantly supplied in the MAX-TL.

The Optima MAX Series of tabletop ultracentrifuges is the absolute top of the line. And while the MAX-TL tabletop is our entry-level model, it’s so much more than just another tabletop. The MAX-TL delivers optimum functionality and efficiency within a compact, quiet package. You can reach the speeds you need to match your separation demands, while your individual experience remains uncomplicated and uncompromised.

The interface makes navigation and operation a breeze and the software includes nine languages, so labs across the globe can reduce errors. And for added versatility, the MAX-TL is compatible with the existing Beckman Coulter TL-Series rotors and labware.


  • User-defined programs : Virtually Limitless
  • Available rotors : 9
  • Intuitive, multilingual interface
  • Numerical vacuum display
  • Context-sensitive, on-screen help