Paul Newman urges Princeton to stop tradition of alcohol abuse in honour of his name

Paul Newman, the Hollywood film star and salad dressing mogul, has appealed to Princeton University to end a campus tradition in which students attempt to consume a beer an hour for 24 hours.

Newman's Day, celebrated on 24th April every year, gets its name from a quote attributed to the actor: "Twenty-four beers in a case, 24 hours in a day. Coincidence? I think not."

Every Newman's Day, students show up to class intoxicated or with beer in coffee mugs. The challenge is to make it through classes for the day.

Last week Paul Newman's lawyer, sent the university a letter calling for the tradition to stop. "Mr Newman is disturbed by the use of his name in conjunction with this alcohol-related event, and he would like to bring an end to this tradition," the university's newspaper quoted the letter as saying.

Princeton University said that it does not sanction the event.

Daniel Silverman, the university's chief medical officer, pointed out in an email message "the irony" of Newman's Day - Newman never encouraged such behaviour and founded the Scott Newman Centre in memory of his son, who died of an overdose.


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