Tomato juice may help type 2 diabetics

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Tomato juice may be the key to decreasing hyperactive platelet aggregation, which can lead to heart disease, according to the latest nutrition and dietetics study by HMRI researchers based at the University of Newcastle.

Research conducted by Sherri Lazarus and Associate Professor Manohar Garg, published in an August edition of the Journal of American Medical Association, has found that over a three week period, the platelet activity in people with type 2 diabetes decreased when they took a dietary supplement of tomato juice.

"Diabetes is a multi-faceted disease with problems such as glucose intolerance, hypertension (high blood pressure), dislipidaemia (high cholesterol and high triglycerides) and the less talked about hyperactive platelets," says Sherri.

"Aggregation is the clumping together and clotting of platelets. We looked at how susceptible the platelets were to clotting before and after the people with type 2 diabetes had taken tomato juice."

"Platelets are the parts of blood responsible for the preservation of healthy blood vessels. When the health of blood vessels is impaired, as in the case of diabetes, platelets stick to the lining of the vessel wall and over time can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease."

"Dietary strategies have been developed to address known cardiovascular risk factors, however, currently there is no dietary strategy aimed at reducing high platelet activity and this is the first time that tomato juice has been used in humans to reduce platelet activity."

"We are looking for dietary solutions for people with type 2 diabetes rather than just popping pills. Larger randomised controlled trials are needed to determine whether the consumption of tomato juice can improve cardiovascular outcomes in individuals with type 2 diabetes," says Sherri.


  1. Mr Paul Willis Mr Paul Willis United Kingdom says:

    I am a type 2 diabetic, for the last 8 years my local physician, the diabetic s pecialists and the top consultant of the heart clinic at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester have been struggling to lower my blood pressure. Treatments including Amlopodine, Isosorbide mononitrate and increased lisinopril dosage have all produced unbearable side effects and have all failed. Yet drinking 230ml of tomato juice twice daily for three weeks has significantly lowered my blood pressure. My physician is well pleased and says that although he cannot confirm that it is due to the tomato juice, whatever I am doing to reduce my blood pressure seems to be working and that I should continue doing it. The only noticable side effects seems to be of an increased frequency of urination and a reduction of appetite.

    • les sugar les sugar Canada says:

      I have started on one glass of tomato juice/day and have changed nothing else on my diet. I am a type 2 diabetic and have been on meds for bp and diabetes for over 10 years (am 70 yrs old now) and have been fighting sugar readings of 9.4+ and bp of 140/90 and higher.  I started on the tomato juice 3 weeks ago and the change has been nothing short of DRAMATIC.  Sugar readings are between 5-6 and bp is 98/66 and had some readings as low as 84/63.  Simply unbelievable.

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