New journal offering free access publishing and what is believed to be a unique development in the field of scientific publishing

Uniquely providing totally free access to scientific publications, and offering financial rewards for both authors and peer reviewers

20th October 2004, Sydney , Australia - Pty. Ltd. Sydney Australia and the Scottish-based Institute of Nanotechnology are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the Online Journal of Nanotechnology.

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology is based on a free access publishing model, coupled with what is believed to be a unique development in the field of scientific publishing – the distribution of journal revenue between the authors, peer reviewers and site operators.

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology at will publish high quality articles and papers on all aspects of nanotechnology and related scientific, social and ethical issues. All the contributions will be reviewed by a world class panel of founding editors who are experts in a wide spectrum of nanotechnology science.

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology will publish the first open-access Nanotechnology scientific papers on, the leading nanotechnology information portal, in December 2004.

The revenue received from the journal related advertising and sponsorship will be distributed according to the following general criteria:

  • Authors receive a revenue share of 50%.
  • Peer reviewers receive a revenue share of 20%.
  • The site administrators receive a revenue share of 30%.
  • This revenue share will apply throughout the on-line published life of the individual article or paper.

The Online Journal of Nanotechnology papers will benefit from being hosted on the website and database platform as they will take advantage of the existing search tools. These search tools make it very easy for site visitors to locate nanotech information which directly relates to their research areas, applications and industrial sectors.

Ottilia Saxl, CEO of the Institute of Nanotechnology commented, “It is our hope that by adopting this publishing model we will ensure that the latest developments in nanotechnology are available to the widest possible global audience. For too long, access to money has been the key to access to knowledge. We hope to change this by making nanotechnology knowledge inclusive, not exclusive.”

Ottilia went further, “We believe that the need for our scientific publishing approach has been amply reinforced by the report, “Scientific Publications: Free for All?” published in July 2004 by the UK Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology, chaired by Dr. Ian Gibson.

The report stated “All researchers, regardless of the nature of their institution, should be granted access to the scientific journals they need to carry out their work effectively. It is in society’s interest that public understanding of science should increase. Increased public access to research findings should be encouraged by publishers, academics and Government alike”.

Dr. Ian Birkby , CEO of stated, “We are very optimistic about the potential for the Online Journal of Nanotechnology and We believe we have a great opportunity to “do the right thing” with regards to scientific publishing and we encourage contributions from all sectors of Nanotechnology. We will also work very hard with our excellent team of founding editors to ensure the Online Journal of Nanotechnology becomes a leading and highly respected scientific journal”.

Dr. Birkby went on, “We are currently in active discussion with other institutes and trade associations who can benefit from our patent pending online publishing system and we would like to hear from any organisation where our model and publishing platform could be of benefit”.


About: - The A to Z of Materials

Formed in April 2000 by the current CEO, Dr. Ian Birkby initially launched “The A to Z of Materials” in September 2001. provides free access to a wide range of materials information and data on metals, ceramics, polymers, composites and coatings and has been designed specifically to suit the requirements of a global audience of designers, engineers and other material users.’s business model provides materials manufacturers and service providers with the most effective on-line route to connect with a global audience of material purchasers. Information on is drawn from a network of content partners, including: The Institute of Materials Minerals & Mining, CERAM Research Ltd. and RAPRA Technology. With over 440,000 visitor sessions per month is now widely recognised as the most significant on-line destination for purchasers of materials and related services. Following on from the success of, was launched in partnership with the Institute of Nanotechnology in January 2004. also operates News-Medical.Net a leading portal for Medical News and provides web services based on the existing portals.

For further information relating to this press release:


Dr. Ian Birkby
[email protected]
Tel: +61 (0)2 9918 7375

Institute of Nanotechnology

The Institute of Nanotechnology (IoN) is a unique source of information on nanotechnology worldwide. A membership organisation, IoN members benefit from access to extensive nanotechnology briefings and analyses.

IoN heads the premier EU information network, Nanoforum, , where many specially commissioned reports can be downloaded free of charge.

It also organises leading-edge conferences for investors and business on new technology developments, whilst providing up-to-the minute market reports for industry, financial and government organisations. Future events include: Advanced Technologies for Crime Prevention and Detection, Advanced Technologies for Smart Textiles for Industry and Fashion, Nanotechnology Education and Training for the Future, and Novel Delivery Techniques for Industrial Scents and Flavours. See for further details.

The Institute also runs a club to support nano- and micro-technology entrepreneurs, see ; and next year, the Institute is organizing an EU-wide conference on ‘The Health of the EU Citizen in 2020’, to be held in Edinburgh, 6-9 September 2005.


Ottilia Saxl
[email protected]
Tel: +44 (0) 1786 447520

Founding Editors of the Online Nanotechnology Journal at

Dr Marie-Isabelle Baraton, France;
Prof. Jeremy Baumberg, UK ;
Prof. Shimshon Belkin , Israel ;
Prof. Flemming Besenbacher , Denmark ;
Prof. Simon Biggs, UK ;
Prof. Werner Blau, Ireland ;
Dr. Gilbert Declerck , Belgium;
Prof. Michael Grätzel, Switzerland;
Prof. Lars Montelius, Sweden;
Prof. Max Lu, Australia;
Prof. Simon Ringer, Australia;
Prof. Nico de Rooij , Switzerland;
Prof. Anthony J Ryan, UK;
Dr. Joe Shapter, Australia ;
Prof. Viola Vogel , Switzerland.

More information on the founding editors can be found here or for Journal FAQ's click here


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