ARIUS Research granted two new U.S. patents for antibodies

ARIUS Research has announced that it has been granted two new United States patents for antibodies within their CD63 program. Patent 7,175,846. covers anti-cancer antibodies in ARIUS' partnered program for melanoma, breast and prostate cancers and protects the valuable site on the disease target that the drug candidate binds to.

The Company's FunctionFIRST platform uses a unique process to discover antibody drugs by identifying those that destroy cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone.

In the process the antibodies can attach themselves to the cancer cell but they must hit the appropriate spot on the cell i.e. the "target on the target", in order to destroy it. ARIUS' patent strategy has successfully captured the discovery process, the antibody drug molecules and now the spot on the target that is key to causing the cancer cell's destruction.

Patent 7,186,808 covers a second antibody within this program that kills breast and prostate cancer cells. The patent also covers the use of the antibody as a treatment for breast cancer.

ARIUS has over 120 patents pending that will continue to enhance the value of the company.

"This patent provides additional commercial and scientific validation to our drug discovery platform," said Dr. David Young, President and CEO of ARIUS. "Our unique approach allows us to extract new value from a wide range of cancer targets while identifying drug candidates that can be developed to help patients."


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