Res-Q point-of-care cell processing system from Celling Technologies

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Celling Technologies, an innovator in stem cell therapy, launched its latest technology for the isolation of adult stem cells. The Res-Q device was developed by ThermoGenesis Corporation to provide an easy to use, point-of-care system to compliment their MXP system currently being marketed in the United States and several international markets.

The Res-Q device is the second point-of-care cell processing system by Celling that utilizes a functionally closed system to eliminate sterility issues while providing consistent, reliable adult stem cell concentrations within minutes.

Celling Technologies is committed to developing cell processing and separation technologies that produce consistently high yields of mononuclear cells. The Res-Q provides a complimentary portable option to the MXP for high yield point-of-care cell separation. As the regenerative medicine market continues to mature, Celling and ThermoGenesis have committed research and development efforts focused on surgeon, patient and hospital needs while further investigating the broader therapeutic capabilities of adult stem cells. Celling Technologies continues to grow its team of 52 employees with additional scientists, engineers and healthcare providers to develop unique cell processing and delivery systems, cell analysis tools and a healthcare-focused service model.

Dr. Mustasim Rumi of Round Rock Orthopedics recently utilized Celling Technologies and the ThermoGenesis' design team's latest technology in adult stem cell spine therapy.

"The RES-Q system was able to yield a high concentration of mononuclear cells which I believe is one of the key ingredients to bone growth," said Rumi. "This technology and Celling's service team provided me with the confidence that the cells being processed and the sterility of the procurement is the best in the industry. The market of regenerative therapies will change medicine and I believe that such cutting-edge companies give me the best opportunity to deliver the highest care to my patients."

The future of regenerative medicine is being driven by technical advancement in cell preparation and processing and the investment of outcome-based clinical studies. Celling Technologies' experience in the delivery and clinical evaluation of stem cell therapies, combined with ThermoGenesis' expertise in cell fractionation, isolation and characterization, make for a team that will continue to lead in the development of point-of-care adult stem cell therapies.

"We believe that point-of-care systems provide an immediate and efficient method for delivering adult stem cell therapy to the patient. Our research has confirmed that the Res-Q system has the features and benefits to deliver consistently high yields of mononuclear cells providing the clinician the best opportunity for successful patient outcomes. Over the next several years we will be working closely with ThermoGenesis and our clinical partners to research and develop continued advancements in the emerging field of regenerative medicine," said Dr. Jim Poser, Executive Vice President of Regenerative Medicine of Celling Technologies.

Celling Technologies is currently launching global distribution of the MXP and RES-Q devices and establishing Institutes of Regenerative Medicine to further research and develop therapies for adult stem cells. The company expects to define the standard of care through clinical performance and potentially lower healthcare costs by offering different means of preventative medicine. As the field matures, Celling and ThermoGenesis will have the expertise and data to drive consistent, reliable outcomes in several areas of medicine, including orthopedics, cardiovascular, trauma and plastics.


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