World’s first 1000 MHz ultra-high field NMR AVANCE spectrometer installed at CRMN, France

Bruker BioSpin has successfully completed the installation of the world’s first 1000 MHz ultra-high field NMR AVANCE™ spectrometer at the Centre de Resonance Magnétique Nucléaire à Très Hauts Champs (CRMN) in Lyon, France (a joint research unit of CNRS, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Université Lyon 1). The AVANCE 1000 system incorporates a record-breaking 23.5 Tesla UltraStabilized™ superconducting magnet, and offers unparalleled research opportunities, both to the CRMN and to other French and European scientists who will access this unique facility. For the entire community of thousands of scientists using modern NMR around the world today, this represents a landmark moment.

The unique ultra-high resolution capabilities and sensitivity of the AVANCE 1000 will enable breakthroughs in the study of crucial problems at the frontier of science in areas as diverse as: heterogeneous catalysis in the context of sustainable development; structure and dynamics of proteins relevant to complex mechanisms of disease; large scale population studies of metabolism to understand lifestyle factors, notably nutrition, in relation to diseases such as cancer.

Professor Lyndon Emsley, Professor of Chemistry at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, commented: “We have been very impressed by the installation of the 1000 MHz system. The magnet was ramped up to field quickly and demonstrates excellent homogeneity and drift characteristics. Due to the great resolution and sensitivity of the 1000 MHz CryoProbe™ and the availability of several solid-state NMR probes with unmatched specifications, we are already running experiments to demonstrate the potential of the AVANCE 1000 across a wide range of applications, and we expect the spectrometer to be open for business on a routine basis very soon. A great ‘Christmas present’ for European science, which we are proud to have been able to obtain here in France."

SOURCE Bruker BioSpin


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