Study supports the use of SinoFresh Nasal Spray to prevent and decrease H1N1 virus

SinoFresh HealthCare Products, Inc. announced the recent successful initial pilot animal study of the SinoFresh Nasal Spray product for use in preventing and decreasing the severity of H1N1 ("swine flu") virus. Additional testing necessary for FDA approval of the product for this use as well as a product specifically targeted at cold and flu including H1N1 is planned. The study suggests that SinoFresh Nasal Spray use allowed the H1N1 infected animals to recover more rapidly than did untreated animals.

The study conducted by SRS International Corp. of Falls Church VA was designed to evaluate the severity of infection from H1N1 ("swine flu") virus in a well accepted rodent model for studying human nasal and respiratory tract infection by viruses and other microbial pathogens. In the study, the test animals were inoculated with H1N1 and then received SinoFresh Nasal Spray in the nose three times daily for 14 days.

Dr. John A. Todhunter, President of SRS International, who conducted the testing said, "We believe that SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray's current and past test results supporting a broad killing capability against numerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens should make the product an excellent candidate for eventual evaluation by the FDA as a safe, broad based preventative antiseptic nasal and sinus cleansing product, which could be used by consumers to enhance current disease prevention measures such as using hand sanitizers and antiseptic mouthwash."

Drs. Michael Stampar, D.O. and Cathy Criss, D.O., Senior Medical Advisors to the Company stated, "In our opinion, these test results are consistent with our nearly eight years of clinical experience and observations using SinoFresh. When coupled with prior SinoFresh testing results, it further confirms our belief that SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray is on track to be recognized as a breakthrough solution in helping to prevent and/or reduce the severity of a broad range of upper respiratory infections caused by airborne pathogens."

SOURCE SinoFresh HealthCare Products, Inc.


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