Advanced Medical Diagnostics SA to open 15 Tissue Differentiation Diagnostic Centres

Advanced Medical Diagnostics SA, a privately held company committed to providing innovative computer-aided solutions (HistoScanning™) that improve the diagnostic interpretation of ultrasound scans, today announced a collaboration with the BUND-DER-UROLOGEN for the opening of 15 Tissue Differentiation Diagnostic Centres.

HistoScanning™ is an innovative and proprietary tissue characterization technology that has been developed to differentiate, characterize and visualize solid organ tissue types based on the analysis of backscattered ultrasound. It is designed to support the physicians in diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Prostate HistoScanning™, released in Europe, is a specific product to support the management of men suspected of or presenting with prostate cancer. HistoScanning™ products for breast, thyroid and ovaries are in development.

The 15 Tissue Differentiation Diagnostic Centres will be opened in Germany by the members of the ‘BUND-DER-UROLOGEN’. The first centre will be in the South of Germany in Freiburg with opening scheduled for December this year and the second centre will be in the north of Germany in Neumünster. The establishment of these clinics will significantly increase the availability of HistoScanning technology to patients in Germany.

Key objectives for the "BUND DER UROLOGEN" are to enable the urologists in their practices to have access to the new technology of ultrasound-interpretation to differentiate tissues and visualise prostate cancer in man at an early stage and in situations where the PSA (prostate specific antigen) results are difficult to interpret.

The BUND-DER-UROLOGEN is developing new concepts of healthcare to support its members and bring benefits to patients.

Dr. Med. Schroeder, Chairman of the board of BUND-DER-UROLOGEN said: “HistoScanning is a new technology which urologists need, in order to improve the current practice of patient management and treatment planning for men diagnosed with prostate cancer”.

He added: “This new format of establishing Tissue Differentiation Diagnostic Centres where infrastructure is shared but urologists have their own practices, will enable our members to offer the best practice and best service to the patients”.

Dr Dror Nir, inventor of the HistoScanning technology and CEO of AMD said: “I fully support the philosophy of BUND-DER-UROLOGEN” and he added:” working together, we have the opportunity to make HistoScanning™ more widely available to patients in Germany”.

Source: Advanced Medical Diagnostics SA


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