Results validating performance of GSN’s proprietary Parental Support technology published

Gene Security Network, Inc (GSN) today announced that Human Reproduction published results validating the exceptional performance of GSN’s proprietary Parental SupportTM technology over existing methods to detect chromosome abnormalities during in vitro-fertilization (IVF). Human Reproduction is the flagship journal of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). The study was conducted in partnership with leading IVF clinics in the United States.

“Preclinical validation of a microarray method for full molecular karyotyping of blastomeres in a 24-h protocol”

This study marks the first time that technology used for Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) has been compared head-to-head with the leading test for chromosome analysis outside of the PGS setting, metaphase karyotyping. GSN’s accuracy was shown to be roughly equivalent to metaphase karyotyping, in addition to being superior to existing PGS technologies (98.7% overall accuracy versus published reports of 85-90% accuracy for testing performed using Fluorescent In-Situ hybridization [FISH]). GSN began offering its 24 Chromosome Aneuploidy Screening with Parental Support test to IVF clinics in October 2008 and over sixty IVF clinics are now offering the test in the United States and Europe.

“Test accuracy with PGS has historically been a chronic problem due to the inherent difficulties associated with testing the tiny amount of genetic material present in a single cell. GSN overcomes the technical limitations of previous technologies to provide more comprehensive and accurate testing for patients,” said Dr. Barry Behr, Co-Director of the REI/IVF Program at Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center.

“Today’s study validates our internal data demonstrating that GSN’s Parental Support is the most powerful and accurate tool available today for rapid single cell testing of chromosome abnormalities and genetic diseases,” said Matthew Rabinowitz, PhD, CEO of Gene Security Network. “It is our goal to provide the best testing available to IVF clinics to further advance the field and make preimplantation genetic screening broadly available to patients in need worldwide.”

The full article, “Preclinical validation of a microarray method for full molecular karyotyping of blastomeres in a 24-h protocol”, by Johnson et. al can be accessed at

SOURCE Gene Security Network, Inc.


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