RTI Biologics launches BTB Select and BioCAP Select implants for use in sports medicine surgeries at AAOS 2010

RTI Biologics Inc. (RTI) (Nasdaq: RTIX), the Florida-based processor of orthopedic, dental, surgical specialties and other biologic implants, is launching two new biologic implants for use in sports medicine surgeries at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in New Orleans this week. BTB Select®, an innovative allograft that provides precision sized tendons for ACL reconstruction, and BioCAP Select™, a composite allograft plug for customized bone void filling, will be introduced at the RTI Biologics exhibit during the AAOS meeting.

“This new generation of assembled products provides significant processing advantages over previous designs and allows for reproducible machining and assembly”

BTB Select®

The next-generation BTB Select is an innovative solution that allows for precision sized matching relative to the intra-articular length of BTB allografts. The BTB Select is sterilized through RTI’s BioCleanse® process, which inactivates or removes potential pathogens from tissue using a specific formula while maintaining the tissue’s biomechanical properties.

“The BTB Select is an exciting allograft solution that addresses an overall market shift toward shorter BTBs, which are more difficult to recover naturally,” said Roger Rose, executive vice president for RTI Biologics. “This innovative product addresses a significant clinical need and ensures that we maximize every gift of donation received.”

Precision sized BTB intra-articular length is accomplished by utilizing an assembled cortical bone block in conjunction with an Achilles tendon, both derived from a single donor. The assembled cortical block features a proprietary anti-slip design, and the natural bone block allows for multiple fixation types.

“This new generation of assembled products provides significant processing advantages over previous designs and allows for reproducible machining and assembly,” Rose said. “These were two challenges faced in earlier designs, and we are pleased with the advancements made that enable us to produce a BTB allograft solution that meets our high quality and safety standards.”

BioCAP Select™

The BioCAP Select serves to broaden the sports medicine portfolio and marks RTI’s entry into the specialized area of Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System (OATS), a common procedure to treat small cartilage lesions.

The BioCAP Select is an innovative, fully biological bone void filler, and for the surgeon, this allograft provides a reliable solution to address voids created by OATS, which may lead to pain and/or discomfort for the patient if left empty.

RTI’s products are sterilized through processes validated by tissue type. The BioCAP Select implant is an assembled graft, derived from a single donor; the demineralized cortical cap is sterilized through the Cancelle™ SP DBM Sterilization Process, and the cancellous plug is sterilized through the BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process.

The BTB Select is commercially available, while the BioCAP Select will be available through a limited launch following the AAOS meeting. Information and representative models for both BioCAP Select and BTB Select will be available at the AAOS meeting, booth #2967.


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