Tanda Professional Restore light therapy now made available for at-home use

Revolutionary technology praised by chiropractic community for accelerated healing

During a press conference yesterday, doctors and experts unveiled a groundbreaking medical device using the healing properties of light therapy for pain management and improving mobility. For the first time ever, a licensed medical device that delivers clinical levels of light therapy only previously available in a doctor's office, has now been made available for at-home use.

Speaking at the press conference was John Kennedy, the CEO of Pharos Life and the inventor of this medical device who advised the audience that "Tanda Professional Restore light therapy is a safe, non-invasive and drug-free approach to care that relieves pain, relaxes muscles and improves range and freedom of motion." He added that "Pharos Life is committed to providing light therapy solutions that promote healing and help improve quality of life."

Tanda Professional Restore light therapy uses infrared light to provide the optimal dose of light energy for therapeutic warming and to provide a temporary increase in localized blood circulation. Trusted and utilized by health care professionals for more than 35 years, light therapy successfully treats a range of conditions including: arthritis, tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, swelling, muscle tension, sprains and strains and manages acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Alexander Pessoa, B.PHE, B.Ed, D.C. shared remarkable results from a two-week clinical study he conducted on patients suffering from Epicondylitis (golfer's/tennis elbow.) "After using the device for three minutes, once a day, patients showed a 36% improvement in swelling, a 72% improvement in perceived pain, and a 60% improvement in the overall severity of Epicondylitis. The study also demonstrated a significant improvement in the patients' quality of life."

Dr. John DeFinney, BPHE, DC, FCCSS(C) added "I have seen improved results and a higher level of satisfaction in my patients using the Tanda Professional Restore which is effective, safe and easy to use. Patients who use this medical device at home as part of their extended treatment, demonstrate increased results and faster healing times."

The Treatment

The most powerful consumer light therapy device available in Canada, the Tända Professional Restore provides an effective dose of healing energy in a three-minute treatment. The short treatment time and flexibility of applications allows for quick and easy use, to help speed recovery periods.

Unlike modalities such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound, light therapy can be administered directly over boney prominences, wounds, pacemakers and implants to manage pain and reduce swelling. Seniors who suffer from the pain and joint swelling associated with aging and/or arthritis will especially appreciate how the Tanda Professional Restore reduces swelling and manages pain. The device also contributes to increased range of motion which gives seniors the freedom to carry and play with their grandchildren, to enjoy a better quality of life.

Athletes love the cordless and mobility features that allow them to use the device as part of a rehabilitative exercise program. Strapping the device to a target area such as the shoulder or knee can minimize the chance of swelling and pain and help increase mobility. It was this flexibility in treatment that enabled Olympian Julia Murray to easily incorporate the Tanda Professional Restore light therapy into her rehabilitation program which allowed her to compete in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Ski Cross event following a serious knee injury.

A leader in efficacy, convenience and value, the Tanda Restore Professional also lessens the burden on the environment. Each treatment head lasts 500 hours and the device includes an upgradeable microprocessor which eliminates the need to replace the device as new Tanda Professional treatments are introduced. The company's mandate is to follow the international environmental control procedures and have incorporated these quality control processes into manufacturing the Tanda branded products.




  1. gehlen gehlen United States says:

    Can this device be used to treat migraines from traumatic brain injuries? Or would it be dangerous to use on the head and frontal lobe area?

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