Non-psychoactive cannabis to be unveiled at Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics

The availability of a new type of medical cannabis strain will be presented for the first time by Steve DeAngelo, who has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and The New York Times as Executive Director of one of the nation's top model and non-profit medical cannabis dispensaries, Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.  DeAngelo will announce the availability of this type of non-psychoactive cannabis that has been lab tested with California strains with CBD (Cannabidol) at the 6th Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics on Friday, April 16th at 12PM Noon at The Crown Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island.  DeAngelo is a leading national advocate and recognized expert for medical cannabis. Conference information can be found at

For three decades, DeAngelo has been an engaging speaker as he cuts through the stigma, and delivers the true facts about cannabis. His exciting and important presentation will include results of the first large scale analytical study of California's medical cannabis supply, which revealed that one of the most medically efficacious cannabinoids—CBD—has been bred out of plants grown primarily for psychoactive effect. Only within the past year have CBD-rich cannabis varieties been identified, thanks to an analytical chemistry lab that DeAngelo helped launch.

Recent research has demonstrated that CBD is effective in slowing or reversing a number of different types of cancer; as well as other serious illnesses. In response to the shortage of CBD rich cannabis varieties, Harborside has initiated a program to identify such strains, and encourage growers to propagate them.  Because CBD modulates the psycho activity of THC, some patients respond better to varieties of cannabis which couple low THC levels with high CBD levels, because they enhance medical efficacy while reducing or eliminating psycho activity. This is particularly true for cannabis-naive patients, who have no prior experience with it, prior to receiving a recommendation from their doctor.

"Ultimately, there will be greater demand for CBD-rich cannabis, than there is for cannabis that just gets you high," predicts DeAngelo. "Only a small percentage of people enjoy the psycho activity of cannabis, but almost everybody can benefit from its medical properties".

National media sources have given significant coverage to Steve DeAngelo's innovative, successful Harborside Health Center model and continue to do so because of his creation of a model medical cannabis dispensary that offers top quality lab tested medicine to his 42,000 patients. His health center also offers holistic and free complementary services to his patients such as acupuncture, yoga classes, nutritional counseling and more.

At the base of this success is his lifelong activism in deconstructing the stigma that has been built around marijuana and hemp.  His extensive knowledge in this area has made him a respected authority in the cannabis/hemp industries.  A talented entrepreneur, as well as a dedicated activist, in the early 1990's, Steve became an expert on the ecological and environmental benefits of hemp, and founded the company 'Ecolution,' a pioneering company that made high quality hemp products, and sold to retail stores in all 50 states and 21 countries.  "Out of the shadows and into the light" epitomizes Steve's mission to expose the myths created about medical cannabis and enlighten the public on the many benefits of the plant and empower the country to change its image of it.

The 6th Annual National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is the only one of its kind in the United States for health professionals to learn about the many benefits of cannabis therapeutics.  Medical professionals can receive their CME (Continuing Education) credits for attending this forum through the University of California, San Francisco.


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