Life Technologies announces product launches in concert with ISSCR 8th Annual Meeting

Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:LIFE), a provider of innovative life science solutions, today announced activities and product launches in concert with the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) 8th Annual Meeting that highlight the company's offerings of complete end-to-end solutions for stem cell research. Stem cell research has been shown to be a critical component of regenerative medicine; a basis for identifying drug targets and drug screening; and an important step in the development of therapies to treat a variety of diseases.

“Over the past 5 years, our company has been investing in collaborations, partnerships and internal R&D programs to offer best-in-class stem cell products to our customers”

Life Technologies' portfolio of workflow solutions addresses the entire stem cell continuum, including the isolation, expansion, differentiation and characterization of cells. The company's innovative stem cell reagents offered under its Invitrogen brand coupled with its industry-leading instrument and workflow-based systems under its Applied Biosystems brand enable the acceleration of stem cell research breakthroughs.

Industry leaders at ISSCR will present research results using technologies that demonstrate the power of combining products across the Life Technologies stem cell offering under both the Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems brands. They include:

  • Applied Biosystems TaqMan® Protein Assays, which accurately detect and quantitate low levels of expressed proteins using a novel method that requires very limited numbers of cells and is much more sensitive than Western blotting
  • Applied Biosystems TaqMan Protein Assays Open Kit, which enables researchers to easily make highly sensitive protein assays to their target of choice
  • Invitrogen GIBCO KnockOut™ Serum Replacement and Xenofree pluripotent stem cell expansion supplements, both of which recently secured 510(k) clearance by the United States FDA for tissue culture media for human ex vivo tissue and cell culture processing applications
  • A custom Invitrogen GIBCO KnockOut™ growth factor cocktail that provides a simple and efficient way to transition feeder-based embryonic stem cell (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) cultures to feeder-free expansion
  • Invitrogen StemPro® MSC SFM XenoFree and StemPro® LipoMAX™ xenofree lipid supplement designed for rapid mesenchymal and adipose stem cell expansion while maintaining stem cell characteristics
  • SOLiD™ System, a next-generation genomic analysis platform, which analyzes the genetic and epigenetic makeup of pluripotent stem cells

Research scientists at centers such as the Harvard Stem Cell Institute are utilizing a variety of technologies from the Life Technologies stem cell workflow. Dr. Kelvin Lam is one of many scientists presenting stem cell research at the ISSCR meeting this week. "Life Technologies is dedicated to understanding the complex nature of work that stem cell scientists engage in on a daily basis," noted Dr. Lam, Director of High Throughput Screening at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Harvard University. "It is becoming important for technology providers to develop innovations to enhance the stem cell scientist's quest to understand the biology of stem cells. We have a very positive partnership with the Life Technologies stem cell group through a collaborative project. We appreciate their dedication and insights in transforming the promise of stem cells into reality."

"Over the past 5 years, our company has been investing in collaborations, partnerships and internal R&D programs to offer best-in-class stem cell products to our customers," said Nicolas Barthelemy, President, Cell Systems Division at Life Technologies. "At ISSCR, with customer presentations that use technologies from both legacy brands, unified workshops and introduction of products that enhance the stem cell work flow, we are clearly demonstrating how Life Techologies continues to be the leader in advancing discoveries in the critical areas of stem cell research and regenerative medicine."

As part of Life Technologies' commitment to delivering innovative products to the stem cell industry, GIBCO® Cell Therapy Systems (CTS™), launched yesterday, will leverage a variety of the company's offerings addressing the stem cell research continuum to support cell therapy applications and ultimately help cell therapy practitioners accelerate the transition from research to clinical applications.

Presentations at ISSCR

During the conference, several independent stem cell researchers will present commercial tutorials featuring data generated using products from both Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems, demonstrating the importance of Life Technologies' innovations to the stem cell field.

SOURCE Life Technologies Corporation


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