DynaVox releases software Version 2.0 for Xpress communication device

DynaVox, the leading provider of speech generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software used to assist individuals in overcoming speech, language and learning challenges, announces the release of software Version 2.0 for the DynaVox Xpress device.  A compact, stylish handheld communication device with a new more intuitive user interface combines powerful InterAACt™ communication tools and resources with popular control and navigation features generally found only on mainstream technologies.

Software Version 2.0 for the DynaVox Xpress features an improved screen layout that makes it faster and easier for individuals with significant speech and language disabilities to communicate effectively and efficiently by presenting a consistent organization and structure that guides users through a natural message formation process, inherent in the design of the InterAACt language framework.  The Picture Communication Symbols™ (PCS) Library expanded for the Xpress device consists of easily-recognizable symbols that allow users to select the symbols that are most meaningful to support their communication efforts. PCS symbol sets include the familiar PCS Classic and PCS Thinline.  

"Software Version 2.0 for the DynaVox Xpress is very exciting and goes a long way to ensuring that Xpress device users can communicate easily in virtually any situation," said DynaVox President and COO Michelle Heying.  "For the first time ever, Xpress device users can also take self-expression beyond words by covering their devices with custom DynaSkins™ that allow them to express their unique personalities visually giving the Xpress device a new look and feel, inside and out!"

The Xpress device is ideal for helping individuals living with communication challenges arising from autism, Down syndrome, stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and apraxia of speech providing fast and functional method of communication, face-to-face or electronically.

The DynaVox Xpress handheld device:

  • Empowers users to initiate and participate in conversations spontaneously, efficiently and effectively, and supports language and literacy development through the InterAACt language framework.
  • Lets the user 'blend in' with peers by providing powerful communication tools in a small, discreet design that resembles many popular mainstream technologies.  The user can even "swipe" through available content just by passing a finger or thumb over the screen.
  • Gives customers access to DynaVox's full-range of support services, including funding assistance, sales support, training opportunities and technical support.

All DynaVox speech generating devices are available in a dedicated configuration which is designed to run communication software only, meeting the "Speech Generating Device" requirements established by Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans' Administration and many other third party private insurers.

Software Version 2.0 will be standard with all Xpress devices shipped in late August 2010.  Customers who currently have the original DynaVox Xpress device can upgrade to the DynaVox Xpress 2.0 software free-of-charge by visiting the Download section of the DynaVox website later this month. (www.dynavoxtech.com)  

SOURCE DynaVox Inc.


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