NMT releases new device for treatment of post-operative nausea

Neurowave Medical Technologies™ today announced the release of an innovative new device for the treatment of post-operative nausea, medically referred to as emesis. Reletex™ is a novel transdermal neuromodulation device that is non-invasive and drug-free, and has been demonstrated to alleviate nausea when used as an adjunct to anti-emetics.

“Our product development team has created a great complement to traditional anti-emetic medications with technology that is empowering for patients and convenient for hospital staff to administer.”

Reletex is a neuromodulation device worn on the wrist that generates uniquely programmed electrical pulses that stimulate the center of nausea control in the brain. The stimulation positively modulates anti-nausea feedback mechanisms. The resulting signals are then communicated via the vagus nerve to the digestive system, serving to restore normal gastric rhythm and alleviate nausea. The onset of action of Reletex is almost immediate, providing continuous relief to patients.

"Reletex is the first of several key new emesis products that Neurowave Medical will launch in the next 12 months," said Farhan Hussain, CEO of Neurowave Medical Technologies (NMT). "Emesis is one of the most widespread yet under-reported problems after surgery, affecting almost every surgical patient. In fact, even more than pain, the clinical and economic consequences of emesis, for both patients and doctors, are significant. We will bring this novel and life-changing technology to help patients, surgeons and nurses manage this problem, and are committed to lowering the suffering that emesis causes to patients and their families, even after they are discharged from the hospital."

"Reletex is a true advancement in an industry where post-operative complication, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction are becoming more important to patients, hospitals, payers, and other stakeholders." said Chris Littel, VP of Marketing, Neurowave Medical Technologies. "Our product development team has created a great complement to traditional anti-emetic medications with technology that is empowering for patients and convenient for hospital staff to administer."

Reletex was cleared by the FDA as an adjunct to anti-emetics for post-operative nausea. In multiple efficacy studies, patients using Reletex showed an increased satisfaction of their post-operative nausea therapy. Patients also showed an improved quality of recovery and returned to normal activities faster.

Other features and benefits of Reletex include:

  • Freedom from unwanted side effects associated with anti-emetics drugs and potential drug interactions
  • Decreased hospital readmissions as a result of nausea being managed more effectively
  • A fully patient-controlled device; thus, patients can take control of their treatment by simply activating and adjusting the level of stimulation, depending on the intensity of their symptoms. Onset of action is within minutes.

As part of the Reletex launch, Neurowave Medical Technologies has recruited and trained a highly skilled, direct sales force with extensive medical device experience. The sales force will deliver information, in-service, and program support to hospitals and surgery centers throughout the United States.

To support the introduction of Reletex, the company launched www.reletex.com, which is designed to be an educational tool for patients and health care professionals on post-operative nausea and Reletex. Reletex.com embodies the product's empowering vision and commitment to patients' needs and their post-op recovery.


 Neurowave Medical Technologies


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