YorkTest Laboratories offers testing kit to identify food intolerance

It is estimated that up to 12 million people are living with food intolerance and spending on average up to 350 pounds Sterling on wasted remedies and pills trying to relieve the symptoms before they discover the cause.

By using a convenient home test kit and service such as the YorkTest, sufferers can put a stop to their food intolerance once and for all. YorkTest Laboratories is Europe's leading food allergy testing company and offers the only food intolerance testing service recommended by Allergy UK.

Food intolerance is a delayed response to certain foods and can be a debilitating condition that affects long term health and quality of life. Some of the most common problems people can experience due to a food intolerance are IBS symptoms, bloating, tiredness, migraines, and digestive complaints.

Sufferers often react to more than one food, which means it can be a timely process identifying which foods are causing the problems. Getting rid of food intolerance is about identifying the foods that are making you ill and subsequently eliminating them from your diet.

YorkTest Laboratories offer faster solution to identifying food intolerance with a two step test to help. The FirstStep YorkTest provides a positive or negative result as to whether a person is food sensitive or not. If results prove positive the sufferer can then upgrade to the YorkTest to identify specific types of food intolerance so they can begin eliminating them from their diet.

The YorkTest includes a finger prick blood collection kit with detailed instructions and results are based on the presence and amount of food-specific IgG antibodies which are analysed by scientists at YorkTest Laboratories who can accurately identify which foods are causing food intolerance symptoms.

The results will give a breakdown of which of the 113 individual foods from cow's milk to yeast, tea to tomatoes, that are causing the food intolerance and give advice on which foods to avoid, those that are borderline and foods that are fine to continue consuming.


YorkTest Laboratories


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