Genetic expression can be modified with natural substances to prevent chronic illness

Research findings demonstrating how genetic expression can be modified with natural substances to prevent chronic illness was the topic of an address by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, FACB, at the 8th Annual Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine 2011 conference in San Diego, California, January 13 - 16."Nutrigenomics: An Update," was the topic presented by Bland, who is the Chief Science Officer for Metagenics, Inc., a global life sciences company dedicated to reducing chronic illness and improving health.

"Since the human genome was decoded in 2003, our understanding of the role that genes have on cellular function has grown exponentially," said Bland. "We now know that the process of altering genetic expression occurs throughout our lives, and that these alterations play a role in the development of chronic illnesses. Research now shows how natural bioactive molecules from plants and animals influence genetic expression, through their role as agents that modulate cellular signals."

With this new knowledge, Bland notes, it is possible to develop personalized nutritional therapies for individuals to enhance their own genetic expression for better health, reversing cellular processes that may be leading to the development of chronic illness.

Chronic illness is a major threat to health care in America. Currently, 75 percent of the almost $2.5 trillion spent on health care in the U.S. each year is used to treat chronic diseases, many of which are related to lifestyle factors. An estimated one out of every three American adults suffer from metabolic syndrome, which more than doubles their risk for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

To help reverse the epidemic of chronic disease, Metagenics makes research findings, like those presented by Dr. Bland, accessible to physicians and patients today through programs like FirstLine Therapy ™ ( FirstLine Therapy provides physicians with the tools they need to treat patients with lifestyle medicine, to avoid or reduce risk factors for these chronic illnesses. Already, thousands of health care practitioners in the U.S. are using these products and principles to help their patients achieve better health.

Metagenics' approach and its products are distinguished by the rigorous research behind them to document their scientific validity. For example, preliminary findings from clinical trials conducted by the University of Connecticut, University of Florida, and the University of California at Irvine demonstrated that the addition of a Metagenics' medical food, UltraMeal ® PLUS 360° to a low-glycemic Mediterranean diet, outperformed diet alone in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

SOURCE Metagenics, Inc.


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