Neuros Medical announces initial feasibility study results of HFAC Nerve Block technology

Neuros Medical, Inc., a medical device company announced today initial feasibility study results of their patented high frequency alternating current (HFAC) Nerve Block technology from their first patient. The study is a short-term, 30-day test per patient, focusing on chronic residual limb pain. Nearly one million patients suffer from chronic residual limb pain in the U.S.

“We expect to have complete feasibility study results within the next 5-6 months”

The feasibility study is being led by Dr. Amol Soin of the Ohio Pain Clinic and Kettering Health Network. Results from the study's first patient indicate significant pain relief was obtained via the application of HFAC Nerve Block. "While further investigation is necessary, I'm extremely pleased with the overall initial results regarding the pain reduction our first patient reported, something they have not experienced since their amputation. The patient would have preferred to continue the study past the 30 days if possible," Dr. Soin added.

"We expect to have complete feasibility study results within the next 5-6 months," said Jon J. Snyder, President and CEO of Neuros Medical.


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