Karo Bio symposium to discuss research on ER-beta and therapeutic applications

Karo Bio AB (publ)(STO:KARO) is organizing a symposium in Stockholm on May 16-17, where key researchers from the industry and the academic community present and discuss the frontier of research in the field of estrogen receptor beta (ER-beta) and its therapeutic applications. At the symposium, promising results for ER-beta selective compounds in preclinical models of multiple sclerosis (MS) will be described. MS is a prioritized indication and represents a great commercial opportunity for Karo Bio's ER-beta program.

Karo Bio has for several years put significant effort into its preclinical program with the aim to develop ER-beta selective agonists suitable for use within different indications. During 2011, Karo Bio has succeeded to develop compounds that are sufficiently active in the central nervous system (CNS) to facilitate the treatment of depression or multiple sclerosis (MS). One of these compounds is being evaluated for use in the field of MS, while others have been identified as potential drug candidates in other indication areas.

One of Karo Bio's top priorities for 2011 is to establish drug discovery partnerships for the company's ER-beta selective agonists. Karo Bio has entered into Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) with a number of international pharmaceutical companies under which joint evaluation activities are ongoing. In addition, commercial discussions are held with other potential interested parties.

Karo Bio has earlier informed that the company's ER-beta selective agonists show promising effects in preclinical models for, among other indications, depression and certain forms of cancer. There are also ongoing research activities regarding the role of ER-beta in the field of MS. American research published during 2010 show that ER-beta selective agonists, through the stimulation of remyelination, may stop and ultimately even reverse disease progression, and thus have the potential to be a game-changing treatment of MS. Dr. Tiwari-Woodruff will describe these preclinical studies at the symposium. Moreover, recently published research (Cell, May 2011) by among others John. A Katzenellenbogen, who is also one of the speakers at the Karo Bio symposium, show that some, but not all, ER-beta agonists may have anti-inflammatory effects in MS.

Karo Bio is also investigating the effect of different ER-beta compounds in certain forms of cancer in collaborations with Italian research teams and with Professor Sam Okret and Dr. Johan Hartman at the Karolinska Institute. These researchers will share some of their findings during the Monday afternoon session.

Other areas that will be discussed from an ER-beta perspective during the two-day symposium are women's health and urology. Karo Bio has an active interest and ongoing research efforts in these areas as well.

"This symposium is an excellent way of demonstrating the broad and multiple therapeutic potential of ER-beta as a drug target" says Fredrik Lindgren, CEO of Karo Bio.


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