Centrifuge releases new version of Visual Network Analytics solution

Centrifuge Systems, Inc. announced Version 2.5 of its Visual Network Analytics solution (VNA) the first and only thin-client, 100% zero footprint web application that discovers hidden meaning and network relationships from public, cloud, and enterprise information. Unlimited growth in global social networks has contributed to new forms of white collar crime that exploit networks of customers, partners and employees. Today, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates organizations lose 5% of their annual revenues to undiscovered fraudulent activity, amounting to more than $2.9 trillion dollars annually. Centrifuge VNA combines agile data integration, dynamic relationship mapping, and interactive visual analytics with big data for immediate results in fraud and risk applications, such as money laundering, retail loss prevention, and health insurance claims fraud.

"Safe Banking Systems has applied Centrifuge to its forensic investigations of money laundering and fraud for some of the largest financial services companies in the world. With Centrifuge we can identify hidden links and networks across disparate sources of data. Centrifuge and SBS have taken a visual approach to augment human interaction with data allowing us to expose patterns, anomalies and relationships more efficiently. Finding the bad guys is the name of the game." - David Schiffer, CEO, Safe Banking Systems.

Today, Centrifuge VNA is a critical solution for the US Intelligence Community, integrating millions of rows of social, enterprise and public data to profile secret connections between people, actions and events. Thousands of users across over 20 different government agencies use Centrifuge as an essential technology to identify criminal and terrorist networks. Centrifuge VNA 2.5 is now providing this same dynamic relationship mapping and interactive visualization to commercial customers.

"For over 10 years, the US Intelligence Community has pioneered social network analysis by using Centrifuge solutions to isolate networks of clandestine activity in our fight against terrorism and cyber attacks," reports Renee Lorton, CEO of Centrifuge. "Now, after working extensively with customers and partners in the Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Retail industries, Centrifuge has introduced new features to detect fraudulent networks and new forms of white collar crime across those key industries. "

New VNA 2.5 features detect fraud and risk threats through powerful visuals and relationship mapping

Time Analysis within Relationship Maps helps customers see when relationships are formed. Now customers can simultaneously visualize links between data elements along with when relationships or events took place. Unusual patterns in the timing of events and specific behaviors are additional red flag indicators for fraudulent networks.

Streaming Data Broadcasts extend the flexibility of visual network analysis solutions to filter and analyze big data for more meaningful and targeted analysis. Analysts can interactively select specific data discovery sets, map relationships, and then compare or broadcast those results to other visualizations. This allows analysts to quickly integrate new information, collaborate together, and isolate potential threats in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Directionality and Frequency of Network Connections (Link Directions) is a new dimension on a relationship map useful in detecting criminal networks and terrorist risks. Now relationship visualizations show the direction of financial transactions, phone calls, file transfers, emails and other relevant indicators. Identifying the frequency of contact and the direction of the linked activity helps better characterize the complex nature of the relationship, identifying collusion or other red flag indicators

Smart Security enables customers to write their own security rules for distribution access to specific relationship visualizations. VNA's unique configurable security provides the flexibility to control the flow of intelligence and encourages group collaboration.

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics Version 2.5 is available immediately.


 Centrifuge Systems, Inc.


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