Quintiles receives two awards for clinical research

Quintiles' digital efforts to bridge the gaps between clinical research, patients and clinical trial participants have been recognized in the form of two International Davey Awards and a Web Health Award this week.

Patient community content from Quintiles' ClinicalResearch.com website captured gold and silver Davey awards focusing on Alzheimer's disease and arthritis respectively. The Quintiles' awards highlight a specific Alzheimer's web video from ClinicalResearch.com that illustrates the devastation of the disease and the personal toll it exacts through the words of an Alzheimer's patient, Jackie, and her family. Additionally, the video illustrates the important role clinical research plays in the development of new therapies for a long-term cure.

Quintiles also received recognition from the Web Health Awards for its corporate Facebook presence. The Web Health Awards recognize high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals. The Quintiles Facebook page features a wide variety of content for users ranging from customers and patients to employees and job seekers. Content for patients on the Quintiles Facebook page includes links to the clinical trials database, news and education materials housed on ClinicalResearch.com.

"While we know that less than ten percent of the general population has ever been approached about participating in clinical research, we also know that more than 80 percent of those who have participated in trials say they would likely do it again," said David Coman, Quintiles senior vice president communications and patient recruitment. "This recognition of Quintiles' efforts to connect with patients is independent confirmation that we're on the right path. We believe that doing the right thing for the patient will ultimately benefit not only Quintiles, but our industry at large," Coman concluded.

Source: Quintiles


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