NIH-funded Harvard study: 6 million women in America suffer from vulvodynia

According to an NIH-funded Harvard study, an estimated six million women in America suffer from vulvodynia. Despite the astonishingly high number of those affected, the pain is often left misdiagnosed or untreated.

A survey conducted by the University of Michigan found that of the 2,269 women in the metro-Detroit area, 25 percent said that they have experienced vulvar pain. Among the 25 percent, only 2 percent admitted to seeking medical treatment for the pain. Although it is shocking to know that so few women speak up about their pain, even more alarming is that those that discussed the discomfort with their doctor were often misdiagnosed.

Vulvodynia's symptoms manifest as burning, itching and even stabbing pain at the opening of the vagina. This discomfort is commonly misdiagnosed as a yeast infection or a decrease in estrogen levels; however, it becomes apparent that the pain is something more when treatments for these conditions fail to help.

For the women who do speak up about their pain, relief does not come easy. On average it takes women five years and at least three doctor's visits before a diagnosis is made and even then, most are diagnosed incorrectly.

NeoGyn® Vulvar Soothing Cream, a non-medicated cream featuring Cutaneous Lysate, can provide Vulvodynia sufferers with some relief from discomfort, but the brand's mission is to educate women on this painful condition.  NeoGyn hopes to give women the knowledge and encouragement they need to remain persistent in their quest for an accurate diagnosis and solution for vulvodynia.




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