New AquaLyse ionization technology prevents legionella and related disease outbreaks

With growing reports of Legionella and related Legionnaires' disease outbreaks in the USA, Canada and around the world, ProCare Water Treatment Inc. today announces its newest "AquaLyse® ICR-820" medical and commercial grade copper-silver ionization chamber cells.

The new 2014 AquaLyse® ionization chamber cells are certified to sustain pressures of over 820 PSI, as well as temperatures of 228 degrees F (or 109 degrees C). This breaks its own 2012 water pressure records and is now also combined with an additional 12% internal copper silver alloy.

"This marks yet another exciting milestone for ProCare's continued commitment to making AquaLyse® the best copper silver ionization technology on the market," says Chris Gauthier, CEO. "This achievement is the result of a number of engineering innovations we have incorporated into AquaLyse® over the past 19 months. Consultant engineers simply love how easy AquaLyse® can be implemented in new or existing facilities for Legionella prevention."

AquaLyse® utilizes corrosion resistant stainless steel chamber cells combined with unique, high temperature and high pressure engineering features. AquaLyse® meets all commercial fire building codes and international pressure plumbing codes. It also includes a unique bi-directional internal laminar flow configuration for full water velocity that eliminates premature electrode erosion.

AquaLyse® has been on the market since 2001 yet this latest version of facility potable water treatment technology is clearly setting new standards. "Those seeking a safer Legionella control and prevention alternative to thermal eradication or hyper chlorination can discover the benefits and affordability first hand by visiting the AquaLyse® website." Says Mr. Steve MacEachern, MEP consultant for ProCare Water Treatment Inc.

Vendors and distributors will be ready to offer the new AquaLyse® ICR-820 cells in early January, 2014.


ProCare Water Treatment Inc.


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