Prostate cancer breakthroughs offer new hope for men

Men have lower life expectancy than women. This discrepancy is especially pronounced for African American men who live 6 fewer years than women.  According to the CDC, life expectancy in the US is 76 years for men compared to 81 for women. 

Over the past 25 years, care for diseases that affect women such as breast cancer has seen dramatic improvements.  On the other hand, treatment for diseases that affect men such as prostate cancer and Peyronie's disease has not seen much innovation.

The past few years brought a number of breakthroughs in treatment options for health problems that affect men: prostate cancer, ED (erectile dysfunction), and BPH (enlarged prostate).  

According to Alex Shteynshlyuger MD, Director of Urology at New York Urology Specialists, "2014 is a transformative year when it comes to men's health; in particular when it comes to treatment for prostate cancer, BPH and Peyronie's disease."

Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs Offer New Hope for Men

Recent introduction of second-generation hormonal therapy (Xtandi and Zytiga) for metastatic prostate cancer after failure of chemotherapy was the big breakthrough for men.

Yet, these innovations are only the icing on the cake.  "New studies show that Xtandi and Zytiga have a truly transformative effect on care for men with early metastatic prostate cancer." says Dr. Shteynshlyuger, an experienced urologist in New York City who specializes in prostate cancer treatment. He notes that 1 in 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.

Peyronie's Disease: A Treatment that Works

Peyronie's disease is not exactly a dinner conversation. It refers to debilitating scar formation in the penis that causes severe deformity and curvature and affects up to 15% of men.  Peyronie's disease causes pain during sex and sexual difficulties including erectile dysfunction (ED).  Dr. Shteynshlyuger says "For the first time, with Xiaflex we have a Peyronie's disease treatment that truly works for many men."

Treatment for Enlarged Prostate: Game-Changer

BPH or enlarged prostate causes significant urinary problems for millions of men. BPH is a common and costly condition, with estimated costs of $3.9 billion per year in the US alone. Among men 50-59 years old, 42% have symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Traditional treatments are associated with unwanted sexual side effects. Newest treatment options include daily Cialis and Urolift for BPH. With newer treatments, many men actually experience improved sexual function.

"Urolift is a game-changer for many men with BPH" says Dr. Shteynshlyuger who has extensive experience treating men with complex prostate problems.


New York Urology Specialists


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