Biovision provides list of businesses, projects selected for Investor Conference and Catalyzer sessions

Biovision, the annual forum on future-oriented research in life sciences, today announces the list of biotech and medtech companies and projects selected for the Investor Conference and Catalyzer sessions. Awards will be presented during the closing ceremony.

Co-organized with France Biotech and Lyonbiopole, the Investor Conference brings together start-ups, growth companies and mid-sized businesses with financial and industry partners for a series of discussions and meetings. The 24 innovative businesses were selected from 65 applicants by a committee chaired by Alexia Perouse (of Omnes Capital, France) and Tim Haines (Abingworth, UK) and including Europe's key private investors. The shortlisted businesses will present their strategies to potential partners, including investors and pharmaceutical companies.

The 24 businesses selected are almost evenly split between biotech (11) and medtech (13). The companies are largely European (from Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, France and Switzerland), nearly two-thirds of them are based in France. Three US businesses are also taking part, demonstrating their interest in both European markets and European investors. The businesses are looking for partnerships and funding worth a total of EUR 235 million.

The Catalyzer selection committee includes representatives from industry, academia and civil society. They have selected 20 projects from 45 that were registered. These will be presented at two conferences hosted jointly with Lyonbiopole. The meeting provides immunotherapy and ‘healthy aging’ project owners with increased exposure and the opportunity to meet potential partners.

  • ‘Healthy Ageing’, on Thursday, June 5, will showcase projects on ischemia, cardiovascular disorders, skin aging, neurodegenerative disease, obesity and type II diabetes, high blood pressure and prevention, etc.
  • ‘Immunotherapies and Vaccines’, on Friday, June 6, will play host to projects focusing on antigen formulation, therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of cancer and auto-immune disease and non-adjuvanted vaccines, etc.

“We received more than 100 applications for these two sessions, which highlights the level of interest in Biovision as a sounding board and a key event for meetings in the life sciences sector,” said Didier Hoch, chairman of Biovision. “The committees have selected only the most original and innovative projects. We hope that the meetings that result from the presentations will be fruitful for the entrepreneurs, scientists and investors in attendance this year.”

The companies attending the Investor Conference and Catalyzer sessions will be presented with awards on Friday afternoon. The Biotech, Medtech and Catalyzer Awards will be presented by Alain Merieux, an entrepreneur and Doctor of pharmacy. The winning businesses will benefit from the services of consultancy firm Laurent and Charras, including skills transfer in such areas as intellectual property, plus advice on strategy and mentoring.

List of companies selected for the Investor Conference:

  • Alize Pharma (Lyon, France)
  • Allurion Technologies (Wellesley, USA)
  • ADP (Lyon, France)
  • CarThera (Paris, France)
  • CellNovo (Swansea, United Kingdom)
  • Dybly AG (Basel, Switzerland)
  • EBS Technologies GmbH (Eberswalde, Germany)
  • EyeTechCare (Rillieux-La-Pape, France)
  • Gecko Biomedical (Paris, France)
  • GeNeuro, (Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland)
  • GenSight Biologics (Paris, France)
  • ICDD (Meyreuil, France)
  • ImmunID (Grenoble, France)
  • Infinity Biomarkers (Ecully, France)
  • LimFlow GmbH (Dresden, Germany)
  • Meiogenix (Paris, France)
  • Microline Surgical Inc. (Beverly, USA)
  • Minoryx Therapeutics (Barcelona, Spain)
  • NeomedLight (Lyon, France)
  • PDCLine Pharma (Grenoble, France)
  • Quanta Fluid Solutions (Alcester, United Kingdom)
  • Reflexion Medical (Burlingame, USA)
  • Sphere Medical Holding plc (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Themis Bioscience GmbH (Vienna, Austria)

List of companies selected for the Catalyzer sessions:

1) Immunotherapies and vaccines:

Adjuvatis: Antigen formulation fully metabolizable, i-Particles
CURAVAC: Myasterix, therapeutic vaccine candidate for autoimmune disease myastenia
CVT Valorisation Sud: Pregnancy associated malaria vaccine
ERYTECH Pharma: VACUR: a new curative anticancer vaccine
ILTOO Pharma: DIABIL-2, repositioning human recombinant interleukin-2 as low dose Treg-mediated immunotherapy for treating recently diagnosed type I diabetes
ImmunID: VisionID  - Improving Outcomes of Cancer Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoints Drugs thanks to Immune Monitoring
OSE Pharma: OSE2101 : Multi-epitopes vaccine in HLAA2 responders patients
Therex Timc, Uni. JF Grenoble: PopVaccine: a new recombinant proteoliposome vaccine against P. aeruginosa
UNIVAC N.V.: Non-adjuvanted universal vaccines fueled by natural allotype-nonspecific immunological help
ViroScan3D: ViroScan3D, Genomic service provider for infectious diseases

2) Ageing well

AYAWANE: HYALIn(R) bioactive matrix combined with stem cells: an innovative concept for critical limb ischemia management in elderly patients
CGHIMC, University Lyon I: NcRNAgingSkin. Non-coding RNAs in skin ageing: identification and functional exploration of potential new targets for skin rejuvenation
CLINATEC: SILICOMICS: an innovative theranostic platform for neurodegenerative diseases (ND)
IMS HEALTH: Health Capital (PEA Sante)
INRA: Statimprove, L-citrulline and statins an innovative association for treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes
LNC: The PreDiab Project, Breaking the curve of diabetes
Lumineus Medical: Intravascular stimulation of nerve bundles for severe hypertension
OREGON THERAPEUTICS: New molecule in oncology
sanofi pasteur MSD: Healthy Ageing Academy through health prevention
STENDO SAS: Improvement of cardiovascular system by endothelium stimulation


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