Squatty Potty toilet stool improves severity of constipation symptoms

When used as a treatment, the original Squatty Potty (www.squattypotty.com) toilet stool significantly improves the severity of constipation symptoms within one month of use among 84 percent of the participants of a recently released scientific study. The toilet stool, developed by Squatty Potty, LLC, promotes a comfortable squatting position for bowel elimination.

Dr. Gregory S. Taylor of St. George Urology, LLC, studied 153 men and women participants' constipation symptoms before and after use of the Squatty Potty toilet stool. After just one month, there was a 33 percent reduction in the severity of constipation symptoms – from moderate severity to mild.

"When used for just one month, the Squatty Potty toilet stool successfully treats constipation in males and females among most age groups," said Dr. Taylor in the study he conducted with Lisa Mitchell, RN. "It achieves statistically significant improvement in constipation symptoms."

Squatty Potty helps place people in a comfortable squatting position on their toilet – the proper posture to reduce strain, and aide in more successful bowel elimination. The angle of the squatting position relaxes the colon, resulting in a more comfortable and complete elimination.

The study, The Squatty Potty Toilet Stool as a Treatment of Constipation: a Prospective, Longitudinal Cohort Study, consisted of 91 women and 62 men with an average age of 39.6 years who had an average duration of constipation symptoms for 10-20 years.

Participants completed a Constipation Scoring System (CSS) before Squatty Potty treatment to record baseline constipation symptoms, which resulted in an average participant score of nine (9). Following a one-month treatment regimen with Squatty Potty, participants again completed a CSS, which showed an approximately 33 percent reduction in constipation severity with an average score of six (6).

"We developed Squatty Potty knowing that if people would squat during their toilet time it would provide overall relief of many bowel related disorders," said Robert Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Squatty Potty. "This study tells us that the millions of people who regularly suffer from constipation can use Squatty Potty as a treatment to reduce the severity of their symptoms."

Squatty Potty users report they experience relief from chronic bowel ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), interstitial cystitis (IC), pelvic floor prolapse, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, other ailments, and now as a treatment for constipation.

The study also stated, "One of the benefits of Squatty Potty over medical treatments is that the purchase price is relatively low compared to continual costs of medical management of constipation," and, "…avoids potentially harmful effects of medical treatments."

Squatty Potty, LLC provides everyone with a better bathroom experience with products and education that promotes a healthy colon. The Original Squatty Potty enhances a lifestyle that can help sustain health and wellness by placing people into a squatting position on modern toilets. www.squattypotty.com.



Squatty Potty, LLC


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