Actinium's Chairman to discuss role of alpha-particle radiopharmaceuticals at SNMMI Annual Meeting

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT:ATNM) ("Actinium" or "the Company"), a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative targeted payload immunotherapeutics for the treatment of advanced cancers, today announced that Actinium's Clinical Advisory Board Chairman Joseph Jurcic, MD will participate in an upcoming panel discussion highlighting the role of Actinium's alpha-particle radiopharmaceuticals in the treatment of leukemia patients. The educational session will provide information on alpha-particle radiopharmaceutical therapy and how these agents are being used clinically and summarize the results of recent trials. The SNMMI Annual Meeting will be held Saturday June 7 - Wednesday June 11, 2014 at St. Louis Convention Center, St. Louis, MO.

The schedule for the panel is as follows:

Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM-5:30 PM CDT
Room: 241-242
Session Title: "Ac-225 and Bi-213 Radioimmunoconjugate Therapy of Leukemia" as part of a panel discussion titled "Alpha-particle Emitter Therapy".

"Alpha emitters offer the possibility of more efficient tumor cell killing without the toxicity of intensive chemotherapy," said Dr. Jurcic. "We are now studying Actimab-A in combination with low-dose chemotherapy in older AML patients who are unable to tolerate standard chemotherapy. This is a group whose prognosis is extremely poor and for whom new treatments are desperately needed. The use of Actimab-A™ could potentially avoid the toxicities associated with standard therapy."

Actimab-A is a radiolabeled antibody being developed for newly diagnosed AML in patients over 60, and is currently in a multicenter Phase 1/2 clinical trial with Dr. Jurcic as the Principal Investigator. Based on Actinium's alpha-particle immunotherapy (APIT) platform, Actimab-A consists of the CD33 antibody Lintuzumab linked to the actinium-225 payload. Actimab-A has attracted support from leading experts at the most prestigious and high-volume cancer treatment hospitals due to the potential of its safety and efficacy profile, as well as its potency, specificity and ease of use. Clinical trials are being conducted at world-class cancer institutions such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Company expects interim Phase 1/2 clinical trial results in December 2014. Actimab candidates are in early development for other cancers.

Dr. Jurcic is Director of the Hematologic Malignancies Section of the Hematology/Oncology Division and Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. He is a hematologist/oncologist focusing on the treatment of acute and chronic leukemia, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and myelodysplastic syndrome. His research interests include acute myeloid leukemia, radioimmunotherapy with alpha and beta particle-emitting radioisotopes, monoclonal antibody therapy for leukemia, development of novel small molecule inhibitors for leukemia and molecular monitoring of minimal residual disease. He received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his fellowship in Hematology-Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In addition to Chairing Actinium's Clinical Advisory Board, Dr. Jurcic is the Lead Investigator for the Company's Actimab-A trials.

The SNMMI Annual Meeting will be held Saturday June 7 - Wednesday June 11 at 10:00 AM CDT on the Park at in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Jurcic's talk is on Tuesday June 10, from 5:00-5:30 PM CDT, as part of the Alpha-particle Emitter Therapy Session which runs from 4:30-6:00 PM CDT in rooms 241-242. The panel discussion will be moderated by George Sgouros, PhD, Professor of Radiology, Oncology and Radiation Oncology, Director of Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Section of the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. SNMMI's mission is to improve human health by advancing nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, and radionuclide therapy. For further information, please visit


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