Mission Pharmacal adds Ovace Plus Lotion to its range of product offerings

Itch. Scratch. Repeat. Irritating skin conditions, such as seborrheic dermatitis (SD), can create a distracting, uncomfortable vicious circle for those affected.

In teens and adults, this common skin disease tends to be a chronic condition with no cure. Scaly, reddish, or flaking patches may form on the scalp, face, and ears. These symptoms can come and go throughout a person's life.

The encouraging news is appropriate treatment can reduce flare-ups of SD and provide relief. Based on a patient's symptoms and other health factors, a dermatologist or primary care physician can design a treatment plan that may combine two or more high-quality medications, such as prescription-strength dandruff shampoos, washes, topicals, and barrier repair creams.

To help bring a treatment option to people afflicted with common skin disorders including SD, Mission Pharmacal Company is adding Ovace® Plus Lotion (sodium sulfacetamide 9.8%) to its popular family of Ovace® product offerings.

Ovace Plus Lotion joins Ovace® Plus Wash (sodium sulfacetamide 10%) Cleansing Gel and Ovace® Plus Shampoo (sodium sulfacetamide 10%) formulated with the proven action of sodium sulfacetamide for SD, seborrhea sicca (dandruff), and infections of the skin caused by sulfonamide-susceptible bacteria. Ovace products help manage flares and control the symptoms of SD and dandruff.

"Ovace Plus Lotion is a new formulation to help manage the itching and flaking often associated with SD and dandruff," says Rusty Nolen, Dermatology Marketing Director, Mission Pharmacal. "In addition, the lotion formulation is designed to cover larger affected areas of the body."

Ovace products are free of steroids and sulfurs. These features make them suitable for this chronic condition and give physicians more flexibility in treating patients who are allergic or sensitive to sulfur.

In addition, Ovace products provide physicians and their patients with the added assurance of being manufactured in the U.S. using high-quality raw ingredients in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards.


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