VeraVia releases information to help men achieve better weight loss strategy

A recent study published in the British Journal of General Practice found that physicians have difficulty visually diagnosing obesity in men. San Diego fitness retreat VeraVia has released information for men to help them understand how their own weight loss differs from women. VeraVia founder and CEO Wyatt Chapman says, "Achieving the best weight loss strategy for your body and lifestyle can be complicated. Comparing your weight loss to that of the woman in your life can make things even more confusing." VeraVia gives men a clearer picture of how they can reach their weight loss goals in a way that works with their body's natural tendencies.

The difference between men and women's bodies

Because men create more testosterone, they have more muscle mass than women, whose estrogen levels are higher. Therefore, when men and women undertake the same diet and exercise pattern, men are likely to start losing weight faster and see noticeable results sooner. "This head-start won't last forever, so it's important to maintain your new healthy eating and exercise habits for the long term," says Chapman.

Men gain weight in their mid-sections

Women tend to retain weight in their hips and thighs, while most weight gain in men initially starts in the belly area, which can give men a portlier appearance. This weight gain around the waist can have serious consequences since abdominal fat cells are more active than those elsewhere on the body. They release more fatty acids, which can lead to serious health problems like stroke, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. Since it's impossible to reduce fat in a single area, to trim their waistlines men will need to exercise their entire bodies, which will reduce belly fat over time.

More beer means more calories

Moderation in alcoholic beverage consumption is recommended for everyone, but men are more likely to select high-calorie beers, which can add extra pounds. Chapman continues, "Though beer itself is not always the cause for a thickening waistline, the additional habits that come with beer consumption (like excessive eating of fried, fatty bar foods and the inevitable lethargy that comes the day after a beer-fest) can inhibit a man's desire to undertake necessary physical activity to achieve weight loss."

Men should set realistic exercise goals

"When many men set their mind on a goal, they often become single-minded in their focus. This 'do-or-die' mentality might seem like a good idea to kickstart a workout pattern, but it can also lead to more strenuous workouts," explains Chapman. Men can sustain serious injuries by selecting weights that are too heavy, rushing into exercise without properly warming up, or using the gym's exercise machines without correct instruction. Workout-related injuries can inhibit workout success, so men should set realistic goals with an expert rather than seeking out 'quick-fix' workouts.




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