Revolutionary new solution for TMJ problems

TMJ disorder can be uncomfortable, annoying -- even painful -- and there are limited to no affordable, natural solutions to fix the problem… until now! One San Diego Natural Dentist is leading the way with a revolutionary new TMJ solution.

The Center for Natural Dentistry, located in Encinitas, is one of the first dentists in Southern California to start offering TMJ NextGeneration, a natural TMJ solution.

"I've been using TMJ NextGeneration myself for a couple of months now and it provides amazing biofeedback, helping the body naturally eliminate the cause of most TMJ pain," states founder Dr. Marvin, a holistic dentist.

The Center for Natural Dentistry — a holistic dental practice integrating natural procedures with traditional science-based dentistry — is focused on improving whole-body wellness through proper, effective dental care with an eye on fixing the root cause of dental problems, not just covering up the symptoms.

Most dentists offer expensive, intrusive appliances for TMJ problems, or expensive, invasive surgery. But the root cause -- the positioning of the jaw for most people -- isn't correctly rectified, making the treatments temporary at best.

"By using the TMJ NextGeneration medical device, my jaw now relaxes in its more natural position regardless of where my teeth are located," says Dr. Marvin. "I've noticed my overall posture has improved and my grinding and teeth sensitivity has decreased significantly."

TMJ NextGeneration is a small hollow device that fits into your ears. Your ear is loaded with nerve endings, and when your jaw slides back — as it typically does when you suffer TMJ problems — your canal closes slightly. With the earpiece in your ear, your body feels the action as it happens and naturally pushes your jaw back to its normal position.

As Dr. Marvin says, "That's what makes this product so exciting: it not only alleviates symptoms, but it also trains your body to stop making the action that causes the pain in the first place."

What Are the Benefits of TMJ NextGeneration?

  1. This is a drug-free, all natural solution made of safe materials so there are no unwanted side-effects.
  2. We offer a complete, money back guarantee. Try it for 45 days. If it does not work for you, we will buy it back for a full refund.
  3. This medical device eliminates migraine headaches that can affect your daily life.
  4. It can possibly eliminate annoying popping/grinding/locking sounds in your jaw joint.
  5. It helps provide better sleep.
  6. It can minimize teeth grinding often without the use of a cumbersome nightguard/biteguard.

The process to get started with TMJ NextGeneration is quite simple: The first step is to give our office a call. We start with an exam to see if you need help with a TMJ disorder and, if so, whether TMJ NextGeneration is right for you. If you are a good candidate we send you to a certified audiologist to take an impression of your ears. The impression is then sent to a special lab where the TMJ NextGeneration medical device is fabricated to your specific moulds. Within a few days you come back into the office to try out the fit, and you will be on your way to solving your TMJ problems!

The Center for Natural Dentistry is always looking for natural solutions to real problems in dentistry. TMJ NextGeneration is another step in the right direction.

SOURCE The Center for Natural Dentistry


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