Medunik announces availability of PHEBURANE drug in Canada for chronic management of UCD

Medunik Canada, a Canadian pharmaceutical company specialized in rare diseases, is pleased to announce that PHEBURANE® (a tasteless oral formulation of sodium phenylbutyrate), is now available for distribution in Canada. PHEBURANE® is the first drug to be approved in Canada for the chronic management of urea cycle disorders (UCD) after receiving market authorisation on January 27th, 2015.

"Most patients with UCD are required to use medication 3-4 times daily to prevent severe complications from their disease, so taste is critical. Increased compliance to the tasteless formulation of PHEBURANE® allows for better management of the condition, thereby improving the overall quality of life of UCD patients," says Dr. Simerpal Gill, Director of Medical Affairs at Medunik Canada.

"Our urea cycle disorder families and medical professionals are very excited to have PHEBURANE® as a treatment choice that will lessen the burden of taking a previously unpalatable medication that so many struggle with on a daily basis. If a UCD patient cannot take all their medication, the disease can spiral out of control, causing brain damage or even death. We believe having access to PHEBURANE® will help improve compliance, leading to better stability, fewer hyperammonemic crises, and improved outcomes for patients," says Tresa Warner, mother of a girl with ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency and President of the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation.


Medunik Inc.


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