New research confirms the efficacy of Hilterapia laser technique for treating tendinitis

An international scientific research confirms the efficacy of the therapy developed by ASAlaser in treating one of the most common disorders, especially among sportsmen

A recent study conducted by the researchers Gabrhel J., Popracová Z., Tauchmannová H. and M. Nemšák on the application of Hilterapia®, produced by ASAlaser - a company for over 30 years at the forefront of the study and development of therapeutic laser solutions - in Achilles tendinopathy and in serious tendons and ligaments disorders has confirmed its full effect.

"Hilterapia® - High Intensity Laser Therapy in the treatment of severe tendon and ligament injuries," published in Energy For Health - scientific review developed by ASAcampus (the joint laboratory between ASAlaser and the University of Florence) - represents an important recognition of the value of the therapeutic solution.

Patented in the US in 2003, the HILT® pulse, at the basis of Hilterapia®, producing a high thermal gradient with photomechanical effects, generates significant therapeutic effects in terms of the repair and regeneration of tissues, activation of the lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.

Also for these reasons Hilterapia® best expresses its efficacy in painful conditions of the osteo-muscle-tendon apparatus, from the most superficial to the deepest ones. Its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects make it particularly suitable also for the treatment of tendinitis, in which the pain management and the reduction of inflammation for a rapid recovery are the top priorities.

Athletes are well aware of that as they rely on Hilterapia® or ask for feedback about its value to come back to competitions after being caught by this kind of disorders. A value that is now internationally recognized: from Europe to Russia up to Turkey and Iran.

Hilterapia®, in fact, has attracted the interest of Ghale Noee, coach of the Esteghlal Cultural and Athletic Club football team that plays in the maximum competition of the Iranian championship (Persian Gulf Cup). During the 26th Annual Iranian Physiotherapy Congress (Tehran 22/24 April), where ASAlaser's therapy has been presented to the local market, the coach has deepened his knowledge on the subject after considering its many successful results, collected among some of the most titled sportsmen. Hilterapia®, in fact, is not only at the side of the "Azzurri" of the Italian Fencing Federation and the Clinica Mobile in MotoGP, but has also been helping the runners who have taken part in some of the most important world marathons (Athens Marathon and Bratislava Marathon 2015). Its excellence in treating disorders commonly spread among athletes is also confirmed by some of the most internationally accredited doctors and physiotherapists like, for example, those from the Institute of Sports Medicine and the Department of Physical Therapy of the Interior Ministry in Prague, the Russian Scientific Center of Rehabilitation and Curortology's staff in Moscow or of from the prestigious Ankara Guven Hospital.

In addition to choosing Hilterapia® as a partner in their daily work, these rehabilitation professionals also participate in master classes and thematic courses organized by ASAlaser to optimize its use. "Even doctors and trainers of the American professional sports world look with interest at Hilterapia® thanks to the presentation of SH1 and Hiro 3.0 devices at the 65th edition of the National Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposia held in Indianapolis. An important first step," says Lucio Zaghetto, ASAlaser's CEO. "That is, however, only one of the tiles of the mosaic that the company is creating to give great visibility to Hilterapia®, also overseas."


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