SCIEX and Metabolon® Launch the Lipidyzer™ Platform for Complete Lipid Analysis, from Sample to Biology

Framingham, MA and Research Triangle Park, NC - SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, and Metabolon®, Inc., the global leader in metabolomics, announced today that they have entered into a multi-year collaboration. The Lipidyzer™ Platform, the first truly integrated solution for accurate and meaningful next-generation lipidomics, is the first product resulting from the collaboration.

The Lipidyzer Platform enables scientists to rapidly identify and quantify over one thousand lipid molecular species and is expected to play a role in researching diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders. Built on SCIEX technology, and powered by Metabolon know-how, the Lipidyzer Platform includes newly developed sample preparation kits, separations technologies, mass spectrometry, software, and data analysis services.

Lipidyzer Solution
Lipidomics researchers currently rely on fragmented mass spectrometry hardware and software systems for lipid analysis, resulting in inefficient workflows that cannot be reliably scaled up or used by a non-expert. Furthermore, lipid analysis typically involves complicated sample preparation techniques and challenging sample analysis, with many isobaric and near isobaric interferences that can be particularly problematic for lipid identification and accurate quantitation. The all-in-one Lipidyzer Platform includes proprietary SelexION™ Technology to overcome these lipid separation challenges, and delivers highly accurate and sensitive quantitation across many common lipid classes. Sample preparation is simplified and standardized with sample preparation kits that have been optimized by leading lipidomics experts, improving the reproducibility and reliability of research data, as well as saving time.

Aaron Hudson, Senior Director of Academic and Clinical Research Business of SCIEX said:

This is the first integrated scientific analyzer that’s dedicated to quantitative lipid profiling and it will play a crucial role in making next-generation lipidomics available to the broader scientific community,"  "This platform does more than provide data; it’s a game-changing solution, as it actually delivers actionable biological information that can be shared through our online cloud-based tools, helping to advance lipid-based disease research

The sample-to-biology platform includes Metabolon’s comprehensive custom-developed software for relevant interpretation and visualization of data from a biology and disease-significance perspective. Metabolon, a leader in the science of metabolomics since 2000, also provides expert consultancy services to help users with data analysis and interpretation.

Steve Watkins, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Metabolon commented:

The unique ability of the Lipidyzer to generate quantitative, specific and complete lipidomic data allows for an accurate mapping of the results to lipid metabolic pathways

Once researchers have this technology in their hands, I am sure our knowledge of the fundamental role of lipids in many aspects of health and disease will expand tremendously. We’re proud to have co-developed the Lipidyzer Platform; it provides a real advance in lipidomics research

Learn more about the Lipidyzer Platform.




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