Orthocell presents positive data for Ortho-ATI and Ortho-ACI in patients with damaged cartilage, tendon injuries

Regenerative medicine company Orthocell Limited is pleased to announce it has held its inaugural user group meeting in Sydney. Attendees included 40 leading orthopaedic surgeons, sports physicians, radiologists, physiotherapists and pain clinicians from Australia and New Zealand.

The meeting included presentations on clinical studies and case reports from patients with degenerate tendon injuries and damaged cartilage of the knee. Presentations also covered the basic science of tendons and the rehabilitation of damaged tendon and cartilage.

Orthocell Managing Director Paul Anderson said:

This meeting brought together some of Australia’s leading doctors to discuss their experiences with our innovative products and the management of tendons in general. The positive experiences and clinical outcomes presented further demonstrates that our Ortho-ATITM technology is a safe and effective treatment for degenerate tendons.

Particularly encouraging were the presentations showing that Ortho-ATITM was consistently able to repair work-related injuries enabling a return to work by the patients, and to effectively treat tendon injuries that had failed both non-surgical and surgical interventions.

Leading Sydney orthopaedic upper limb surgeon Dr Jeff Hughes presented his experiences treating work-related tendon injuries with Ortho-ATI™ showing positive results out to two years.

“These are difficult to treat patients who are impeded in their ability to work and to carry out their essential duties,” Dr Hughes said.

“Ortho-ATITM has been instrumental in aiding my patients to recover from long term tennis elbow injuries that has been resistant to a range of treatments and to return to work.”

Although LE (Tennis Elbow) is generally a self-limiting condition, it results in significant disability, health care utilisation, lost productivity and cost. A recent study showed that in the 18% of LE patients who continued to require clinical care six months after diagnosis, the median duration of care was 844 days. Cited from Sanders, T. L. et al. Am. J. Sports Med. (2015).

Transparency Market Research estimates that the US, Europe and Japan markets for tennis elbow treatment alone is worth US$700 million in 2015. Ortho-ATITM has successfully been used to treat patients with tendon injury or degeneration in many different areas, including tennis elbow, gluteal, rotator cuff and Achilles tendons.


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