This No Smoking Day think of your oral health and kick the habit

Europe’s largest dental treatment provider, mydentist, is calling on smokers across the UK to quit on No Smoking Day for the good of their oral health.

Steve Williams, Clinical Services Director at mydentist, believes that more needs to be done to educate smokers on the effects their habit can have on their oral health, as well as the rest of their body:

“The links between smoking and lung and oral cancer have been well documented, with cases of oral cancer on the rise. People are less aware of the damage to the gums and teeth that smoking causes. Recent studies have shown the importance of good oral health as these have been linked with both heart disease and diabetes,” he commented.

Not only is mydentist encouraging people to give up smoking, but the company is also urging dental practices across the country to provide advice and support services on quitting.

Dentists in all of our 670 practices are well-educated in the effects of smoking on a person’s oral health, and can provide a lot more support than you might think,” Steve continued.

“As well as checking your teeth, they can also examine your gums, throat, tongue and cheeks to see if there is anything that causes concern. If you’re serious about quitting smoking this year, speak to your dentist today to find out how they can help you stop.”

How does smoking affect your oral health?

This No Smoking Day, on March 9th, mydentist is raising awareness of the impact that smoking can have on a person’s oral health.

When people think of the negative effects of smoking, attention immediately turns to the heart, lungs and overall cardiovascular system. Here are just a few consequences that tobacco can have on your teeth, according to the British Dental Health Foundation:

  • Tooth staining - The nicotine and tar in tobacco can have a dramatic impact on the color of your teeth in an incredibly short space of time. They will start to go yellow, and heavy smokers will find their teeth turn almost brown after years of smoking.
  • Gum disease - Smoking increases the likelihood that you will produce bacterial plaque which can lead to gum disease. If that wasn’t enough, gum disease can also cause tooth loss.
  • Cancer - In addition to lung and throat cancer, smoking tobacco is also one of the main causes of mouth cancer.

“Some people may think it is too late to stop smoking for them to feel any benefits,” Steve continued. “But the truth is that stopping smoking at any stage of your life can dramatically reduce the risk of oral cancer, along with many other diseases.

“As the largest provider of dental care treatments in Europe, mydentist wishes to use No Smoking Day to educate everyone about the dangers and negative effects of smoking. The decision to quit is ultimately theirs, but they should be aware of the help and support that is out there amongst dentists.”



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