Researchers study benefits of vitamin B12 in Marmite

New study shows that Marmite may boost brain power and could even help fight off dementia.

Researchers from York University said that the high concentration of vitamin B12 in the savoury spread increases levels of GABA chemicals in the brain, which are thought to protect against neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and depression.

Vitamin B12 is specifically known for its role in producing healthy amounts of red blood cells required to deliver oxygen to the body's cells and tissues. B12 has been proven to help reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as aiding concentration and memory.

Vitamin B12 is also notoriously difficult to absorb by the gut, and deficiencies in it have been linked to a host of neurological disorders.

However, if you prefer to not to take a daily spoon-full of the nation’s most divisive spread, health pioneers BetterYou are on hand to help with their Vitamin B12 Boost Oral Spray.

Just four sprays of the innovative formula provides a daily dose of 1,200 mg of vital B12, offering convenience and guaranteed absorption, which traditional tablets or capsules simply can’t.

Research by Cardiff University found that B12 supplementation was vastly improved if sprayed onto the inner cheek. The results are significant because, as only one per cent of B12 is retained from diet alone, they show for the first time how quickly vitamin B12 is absorbed by the body via the rich system of veins within the mouth, particularly the inner cheek.

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou, said:

B12 is a vital nutrient and by taking it orally in spray form ensures that the vitamin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This delivery mechanism benefits from the super absorbent soft tissue of the mucosal membrane within the mouth and the proximity of a rich vascular system."

“Our daily required intake for health maintenance is relatively small, however few foods catch rich sources (red meats and offal are major sources) and more restricted diets omit these. In addition, B12 is a very difficult vitamin to absorb and our digestive efficiency is reducing rapidly.

“Supplementation is becoming more of a necessity for us and using a spray in the mouth bypasses the digestive system, ensuring optimal absorption.”



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